We Use Fundraising Analytics To Maximize Your Success

Fundraising Analytics for Nonprofits and Institutions

Using data to make decisions is an integral part of successful fundraising endeavors. Our fundraising consultants utilize data analytics to achieve many goals, which include:

  • Determination of fundraising capacity/potential at department or project-specific levels.
  • Ranking and scoring of top donor prospects.
  • Development of gift pyramids.
  • Evaluation of your nonprofit’s donor pipeline.
  • Review and optimization of your prospect pool.
  • Project-specific prospect segmentation. 

We design our fundraising data analytics specifically for each client, to provide them with customized models based on the unique needs of their nonprofit.

Customized Predictive Models

By utilizing constituent wealth screening data and building custom predictive models, we can rank your prospects by the likelihood of donating a major, planned or annual gift to your nonprofit.

Since our approach to fundraising data analytics is customized, our consultants adapt the predictive models to determine the likelihood of a donor giving to capital or program-specific projects. From this data, we can develop the resulting gift pyramids. 

For example, we can build a customized predictive model to identify and rank prospects by the likelihood of giving a major gift to an athletics capital project or a planned gift to a specific academic program. Once we verify the prospects, we use constituency capacity analysis to develop comprehensive gift pyramids focusing on the size and number of gifts needed to reach specific project fundraising goals. 

Additionally, we can develop yearly fundraising goals and utilize historical trends to forecast progress and target completion dates.

Additional Analysis

A field officer analysis helps to measure productivity. Using this analysis, our consultants can determine if additional staff is necessary to reach fundraising goals. Utilizing field staff historical trends, we can measure productivity at both an aggregate and individual level. This analysis will allow us to determine when campaign goals are likely to be reached or if additional staff are necessary to achieve the goal.

How Can Our Fundraising Consultants Help You?

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